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My Story

Hello, my name is Yvonne Richard, and I'm an Independent Business Owner with Paparazzi Accessories. My primary purpose of joining the Paparazzi was to overcome my physical constraints, gain financial independence, and contribute to my family's financial well-being. And I'm glad that I joined it! After joining Paparazzi, I have coped with my health problems, quit my regular 9 -5 work, and got my financial freedom. I am my own BOSS! My family supported me throughout, and I am still thriving with their love and support. PAPARAZZI is the best job ever if you are one of those who are looking for financial freedom or even a side hustle. From exceptional party wear to everyday casual jewelry and accessories, you can explore our paparazzi accessories, jewelry, and much more, starting only at $5. Hurry up! 

Why did I Join?

To inspire others no matter what situation life throws at you. You can still impact the world one interaction at a time.

I joined Paparazzi for the following three reasons health limitations, achieve financial freedom and contribute to my family’s financial well-being.

First is health: Yes health, I have dealt with my health issues though have learned to embrace life within my limitations.
Second is Financial Freedom: Due to the multiple health issues quilt my typical a typical 9 -5 job. I was tired of trying to fit into something I’m not. Every job I worked I continue to have issues with my health and a typical 9 -5 job was not very understand. Someday I was fine and other days I was at a -10 with my energy level. I continue to push until I realized that a typical job was not for me and I needed to find something different. Something that I could do on my worse flare day.
Third is family: I have supported my family emotionally and looked out for all their well-being. Now, it’s time for me to put myself first and achieve my life goals. As a mother you tend to put everyone’s need before your own. It took a couple of close call to make me realized that I need to go after what I want in my one life. Stop fitting everyone else and work on me. It’s been only 1 year since I joined, and I can honestly say I have grown mental. My mindset has done a 180. A year ago, I was living life 1 day at a time in surviving mode and now I’m able to plan ahead for the future.

pain into purpose

I have survived multiple health issues in the past few years. Of which, most are ongoing and a constant concern. 
I have or had the following health issues Pulmonary Embolism (PE blood clots in my lungs). Endometriosis (reproductive issues that can be very painful), Gluten Sensitivity (avoid any for with gluten in it), Vein Insufficiency (leaky values that can cause my legs to swell if I stand for long period of time) May Thurner Syndrome (compression of lilac vein – got a stent placement to help control the compression) and Ulcerative Colitis (which is a bowl disease that attack itself like all the autoimmune disease, this disease attacks your intestines). At my worst, with UC I got all the way done to 104 pounds. But hey, that’s life and I’m still living. I have learned what does not kill me will hopefully make me stronger in the end. I have learned to embrace my health issues and empower others with knowledge.
Since my journey started with Paparazzi, I’ve had many sick days, though, I was able to still earn money from the comforts of my bed ending the day on a good note.

Financial Freedom
Paparazzi is simple, I set my own schedule. Some days, that I’m sick I can take off and days that I feel okay I can work. To date my best event was $550 in less than 5 hrs. of work. I have not reached financial freedom however I’m on the correct path to reaching this goal.

My family has seen me at my highest and at my lowest point in life. Since, I started Paparazzi, they have seen the joy of life come back to me. I have found my purpose and I’m loving each moment in life. “As Your Jewelry Lady”. The best part of Paparazzi is the sisterhood / brotherhood you experience at the amazing conventions and EMP Empower Me Pink. At these events your able meet the founders, their staff and receive empowering guidance from Paparazzi family.