Look like a million bucks without spending it!

So straight shot, no chaser: have you ever lost or damaged your luxurious jewelry? If yes, I can relate! If no, well hear me out anyway. The distress and disappointment is overwhelming! Not to mention the immeasurable guilt you get for ruining that very gorgeous, special and sometimes irreplaceable piece. However, I found a solution: fashionably affordable jewelry that can enhance your look, without the anxiety factor. I'm Yvonne Richard, and this is Bling 4 Ambition.  

Let me give you my disappointing tale. Picture this: I’m washing a large glass lid & set it aside when I’m done. No big deal, right? Then suddenly, BAM! The lid had slid off the countertop and exploded on the floor. If that wasn’t bad enough, my wedding ring had fallen amongst the chaos as well. Upon further inspection, I noticed one of my larger diamonds was missing. My baby was now mixed with the broken glass on the floor.  

As my heart pounded, the phone rang; it’s my husband calling to let me know he was on his way home. I felt overwhelmed as I looked at the sea of glass on my floor. By this point, my stomach was doing summersaults due to stress. My mind was flooded with questions: how will I explain this to my husband? Where could my diamond be? Am I about to slice my fingers up trying to get my baby back? Long story short, my son found the diamond amongst the shards just before my husband arrived. I got lucky in this experience, but it taught me a lesson: keep my luxurious jewelry up and wear fashionably affordable jewelry for regular everyday activities.  

Now my question for you: do you have a closet full of retro or hip clothing with nothing to accessorize or top-off your amazing style? Have you ever wondered how that one coworker always looked amazing with her coordinated clothing textures and those amazing accessories? How does she afford it? The solution for many is amazing jewelry at an affordable price. 

So what is your favorite type of jewelry? Are you strictly an earring wearer? Do you like a complete set? Maybe a cute bracelet and ring does it for you. No matter your needs, we offer a variety of jewelry that consists of bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, necklaces, and rings in an array of different styles, finishes, textures, and colors. Whether you like antique, urban, modern, classic or you’re a trendsetter, we have something for you. We mainly serve women; however, we also have items for men and girls as well. Currently our best sellers are earrings. Worried about price? As I said before, we offer affordable jewelry. As well as accepting all forms of payment (excluding Venmo), we also offer payment plans through Sezzle!  

So, what are you waiting for? Look like a million bucks without spending it! Visit Bling4Ambition.shop and see why so many have said yes!

I’m Yvonne Richard, owner of Bling 4 Ambition.

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